Get around town, work-at-home mama in Toronto

Hi there – I’m Rachel, aka Geminimama to two boys, ages 5 and 12, in Toronto. I work from home as a communications consultant and website fixer upper, grateful for the opportunity to set my own schedule, raise my kids and manifest my most ideal life!

In an effort to blend work with real life, I started Geminimama.com when I decided to stay home after having my second child. As a blogger/writer/story-teller and of course, Gemini, it’s truly natural for me to share the amazing things I learn and discover with others. As urban dwellers, we strive to get out and about often, exploring new child-friendly spaces in our city and travelling to new places whenever possible!


From fashion reporting to school lunches

Pre-children, I published a popular Toronto fashion blog for several years – one that involved many, many parties and events. The experience was awesome and allowed me to contribute to various publications, get recognized as a Toronto influencer and get VIP access into events, but unfortunately wasn’t a holistic career choice for a very hands-on mom. While I used to write about fashion and style, I now write about family life adventures and working from home.

Future plans for Geminimama.com include family events and profiles of work-at-home moms (#WAHM), with the hope of inspiring, enlightening and even motivating women to live a more mindful/balanced/happy life, as I am learning to do.
Please get in touch if you would like to share your story!

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I can be reached at rachels@geminimama.com.

The Geminimama Manifesto

While this list is far from complete, these are just some of the most important things I strive to do daily:

1. Give thanks. Give thanks again. And again xo

2. Anticipate and be open to the wonderful day ahead.

3. Set an intention. What do I want to happen today?

4. Read something. Learn (or unlearn) something.

5. Get outside. Breathe fresh air and bathe in the beautiful energy of nature.