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Health & Wealth: Random Things I Learned Lately

December 13, 2014
Think less live more

To Become a Billionaire, Help a Billion People

If I had more (alone) time, I would definitely listen to more inspiring podcasts. Especially ones with inspiring people who are accomplishing amazing things.
Recently, I did make it halfway through a really great interview where Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek) speaks with superhuman, Dr. Peter Diamandis (One of Fortune Magazine’s top 50 World Leaders). If you need a kick in the ass and basically a refresher on how to “think big”, you should really listen to this podcast. As always, be sure to read the comments section for even more ideas.

(even more time? this is a must! Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money via The Blog of Tim Ferris)


Pro Flying Tips from Gwenyth & Her Friends

I am a big GOOP fan and really appreciate this post on how to stay healthy and hydrated whilst flying.


Scientists have found a(nother) natural way to beat the flu – honeysuckle tea.

Now I am all over natural remedies and homeopathic medicine, but even if you’re not, this news is huge! First because honeysuckle tea doesn’t just work to boost your immune system – it actually targets the flu virus. Second, because although many of us know the great benefits of herbs and natural remedies, this discovery has been proven in a lab. Now, where to find honeysuckle tea…


Most typical olive oil grocery store brands are FAKE!

This is common knowledge apparently, but I only recently learned how far & wide fake olive oil travels. After reading some articles here and here, I discovered that many popular Italian olive oil brands are blended with cheap soy/sunflower oil, disguised with a little green coloring and some other things and sold as extra virgin olive oil! In many cases, the Italian bottlers don’t actually know what they’re dealing with – but regardless, this is a international billion dollar scam!

From now on,  I only buy olive oil from my local greek bakery or natural food store and make sure the bottle has a due date, name of grove it came from and doesn’t say “premium blended olive oil from Italy, Greece, Spain” which has “FAKE” written all over it.


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