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Living & Learning: November 2014

December 6, 2014

In an effort to be more organized and grateful in my life, I plan to spend a bit of time every couple of months doing a little family/business & life round-up including what I’ve learned; what goals I’ve accomplished and the ways I am succeeding in creating my ideal life!

What the last month looked like for us…

Nov 2014_in photos

Although we don’t get out and play as much as I think is important, it seems we still had a pretty adventurous month around town. (As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t of even realized if it wasn’t for this photo collage!)

+ Ontario Science Centre – We finally made it to the Kids Planetarium show (recommended!)…

+ Kettlebell classes & kids muay thai (I am determined to get into great shape and this is going to do it!)

+ Art Gallery of Ontario – Activities and crafts for kids on Family Sundays

+ We made it to the Kids Mini Maker Faire this year where the kids learned to solder and make light up rockets for $4/each. While it’s a great event, we didn’t really take advantage of it all (partly because of confusion & part because of the crowds), but it was still a great experience for the kids.

+ Cineplex Family Favorites – I brought my little guy to his first movie! Although the movies that they show for the Saturday morning family showings ($2.50) are not the newest, we still managed to see the Lego Movie! I didn’t have to worry about annoying anyone, it was dirt cheap and we all had fun!

+ I am so happy we made it downtown to Kidzfest at Yonge Dundas Square, even for a short time. Truth be told, my little guy slept in his new stroller the whole time (hallelujah!), by my niece was overjoyed to see Anna & Elsa (#Frozen) sing on stage!

 On a more personal/business note:

+ I was offered the opportunity to teach a youth web/small business marketing course next year so I am excited to plan for that

+ I started setting my big goals for 2015 thanks to inspiring words of some of my awesome, go-to resources:  The Conquer Summit / Market Your CreativityBliss Inventive

+ The FieldI read a lot less than usual this month, but did manage to peruse a few “spiritual” books including The Field by Lynne McTaggart and Jack Canfield’s The Key to Living the Law of Attraction.

I used to enjoy reading business books, but moved on to more create your own life/quantum physics kind of books – a million times more enlightening!

+ Last, I have been busy planning one of the main things on my “Big Bucket List” which has been so exciting! Finally, we are going to spend a good part of January in Mexico – and while my major goal is to spend most of the winter down south, this is an amazing start!

Please share! I would love to hear about what you learned this past month – any good books, great resources?!

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