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Our One Day on Myrtle Beach

September 19, 2014

I love the beach – love the salt-kissed air, the sea swept wind and especially the healing ocean. I love coastal towns with their pastel colored buildings, palm trees that line the roads and sandy sidewalks. This is why Myrtle Beach was perfect – even for one day!

Myrtle Beach is a very popular beach town that extends for miles along the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. It’s totally geared to tourists and is full of kitchy motels and hotels, souvenir shops, waterparks and more mini golf than you’ve even seen! I have read many unfavorable reviews for Myrtle Beach – mostly because it’s not the classiest town. It is however, affordable, fun and uber-beachy!

Myrtle Beach

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When we came rolling into the main beach area, we didn’t have any plans. We were open to spending a few hours at a waterpark or something similar and planned to walk the boardwalk. Parking (paid) was easy to find right at a pier at the beach so that was our first destination. The piers are all independently owned so there is a charge if you want to go walking out on them. It might be nice to do that if you are going to sit and have a few drinks on the patio, but with four kids that wasn’t happening. So we went down to the boardwalk.

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The renovated boardwalk can apparently take 15 minutes to walk so we decided to give it a try but after about ten minutes the blaring sun defeated our plans! So we went to the beach.

I’m not sure what it’s usually like, but on our day the Atlantic Ocean was a perfect warm temperature (nothing near the Gulf Coast of course) and very wavy. The older kids had a blast jumping in the waves while the younger ones played in the hard, dark sand that was perfect for river building. One thing that freaked me out a little was little jelly fish right near us! I know they bite, so that sucked.

And this is where our day ends. After the long drive to the beach, the sun, long walks to the washroom up the stairs on the pier and a few hours in the wavy ocean, there was no way we were packing up to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. We were covered head to toe in sand (yes, showers in the parking lot!), wet and tired so decided to continue our journey north.

I did learn that I can’t wait to come back to Myrtle Beach and stay in one of those little hotels on the beach! (It’s about a 1 1/2 day drive from Toronto) Summer is very busy with American tourists but prices drop significantly the last week of August and throughout the rest of the year. Condos are also a good option. Either way, Myrtle Beach is for tourists and the beach seems to go on forever!


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