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Optimal Wellness: Important Random Things I Learned Lately

November 6, 2016
The Dirt Cure

Like any good Gemini, distraction is simply an everyday part of life – I’m just too interested in everything! Ok, I could just be addicted to the Internet, but my stack of books-to-read is equally out of control.

Having said all that, some of the important random things I learned lately:

  1. A must read!
    I recently read the super, uber-recommended, easy-to-read, essential parenting book, The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a parent and integrative pediatric neurologist who’s worked with and helped heal thousands of very ill children. I suppose I love it so much because I share the similar parenting values – such as avoid antibiotics and any unnecessarily children’s medication (Tylenol, etc.), feed your kids nourishing whole foods and let them get dirty for goodness sakes! It goes far beyond just that and provides examples, research and success stories to turn skeptics into believers. I am an easy convert, but I can just as easily see many of my parent friends gaining a ton of benefit from this book. Actually, for the health of the younger generation, I wish all parents would read it.
  2. We need to stop giving apple juice to our children!
    Have you ever noticed how your kids behave after slurping down a juice box? It took me a minute, but for my five-year-old, the change is almost instant. He becomes super hyper!
    Apple juice raises blood sugar as quick or faster than a can of sugary soda pop. It’s super high in natural sugar and carbohydrates that race to your  liver, instantly spiking blood sugar and insulin. Yes, apples are healthy – when eaten and digested at a natural rate. However because the fructose in the juice is instantly absorbed by our bodies, it apparently becomes more harmful than beneficial to our health. And if that isn’t bad enough, studies have shown too high levels of arsenic and lead in many popular brands – gasp! If your kids are drinking apple juice at parties and pizza lunches, feel better that the combination of food (protein/fat) and juice will help slow the digestion, thus slow the rate of super boosted blood sugar levels. And by the way, I also recently read that maintaining blood sugar is a key to life.
  3. DIY Infared Sauna for Under $100
    Once summer is over, I start dreaming of warmth – of flying down south and of having my very own sauna! You can buy a sauna if you have room in your home (which I don’t) or you can head to the local hardware store and buy some infared heat lights. I love this! Buy one or three, but make sure you also purchase a inexpensive lamp for them (see here) and you can pretty much set up your own infared sauna at home for super cheap. Did I mention all the many health benefits such as pain relief, increases circulation and detoxification? I’m hoping to test this out in the coming months – stay tuned for updates!

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