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Around Toronto with Tots: Toronto Islands & Centreville (13 mos)

May 14, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do at 13 months

It’s so amazing how quickly babies will learn, once they finally get to the stage where they will actually listen and even imitate! I love this age even more than the last – especially since my very active Baby X is finally sitting and reading, playing independently a little more and taking longer baths!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week – perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors! We manage to play in the park every single day (sometimes twice), go on rollerblading excursions and take long walks in the valley which is always pleasantly therapeutic.

This week though, we also took a ferry boat across Lake Ontario to the Toronto Islands – an scenic, rural-like escape complete with lots of greenery, water and fresh air. We took the less crowded ferry boat to Ward’s Island and rollerbladed across the island to Centre Island, home of Centreville – the perfect little amusement park for tots!

Of course at 13 months, my babe is too small for the rides, but there is still so much to do and see for little ones. There’s a train that runs through the park, the wonderful 50-year-old Far Enough Farm and even a wading pool. And if you have more time on the island, there’s also clean beaches, spacious parks and the Franklin Children’s Garden.

Save the Farms!

We also made it to Riverdale Farm again this week – a perfect excursion for tots that are recently interested in learning about animals and animal sounds. Amazingly, Riverdale Farm is free and even more amazing is that there is free parking (practically unheard of in the city), so no excuse not to visit often! (although sadly there is talk of the City of Toronto cutting funding to its three city farms including both Riverdale Farm and Far Enough Farm, which means they will close forever – go here to help save the farm >>

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